KDH Projects

We are a national construction company that specialises in serving only the food and drinks industry. Our company carries out works from a couple of hundred pounds, including small maintenance jobs to projects with values of over one and a half million pounds.
KDH works with customers, creating tailor-made solutions to suit individual site needs. Works are carried out causing minimum disruption to production, or through a flexible approach utilising weekends, night working and during factory shut down windows.
KDH Projects are a niche within the construction industry as we  use all our own teams to get the job done, completing

• Factory builds and maintenance
• Refurbishment and alterations
• Refrigeration and ventilation
• Flooring and drainage
• Electrical, mechanical and fabrication
• Cold stores and white walling
• Design, planning and building control
• A service that is provided throughout the UK

KDH building the solutions to today’s problems within the food and drink industry


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