Industry Initiative Awards

Food Manufacture Training Award
Entries must include a training initiative devised in-house even if an external agency delivered the training. Entrants must show that the initiative addressed a priority issue in a highly timely and effective manner and demonstrate staff engagement and skills improvement, with reference to final assessment and business improvement and development.

Service Provider Partnership Award

Preamble: This award is designed to recognise partnerships between processors and service providers, including for example packaging or equipment suppliers, energy or food safety consultancies and contract packers or manufacturers. Processors gain recognition alongside their third party partners. Examples might be: an engineering firm executing a bespoke project to improve production line performance; an IT provider introducing a tailored solution integrated into existing systems to digitise records, improving traceability, visibility and efficiency; a warehouse or logistics provider designing a unique storage or distribution solution offering clear business benefits. Awards are given to manufacturers, but jointly collected by them and a representative of their solutions provider.

Food Manufacture Award for Export
Entrants must demonstrate significant growth and development and market penetration in overseas markets, particularly focusing on how it overcame key obstacles.