The Manufacturing Awards’ categories:

  • Ambient Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Bakery Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Drinks (alcoholic) Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Soft Drinks Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Chilled & Fresh Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Dairy Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Foodservice Manufacturing Company of the Year*
  • Frozen Foods Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Ingredients Manufacturing Company of the Year
  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood Manufacturing Company of the Year


The aim of these Manufacturing awards is to independently highlight category leaders and trendsetters for their benefit and the benefit of their customers. Entries must demonstrate significant achievement in their category in at least three of the following areas: product development and innovation; production and processing; customer service; marketing; quality assurance; health & safety; food safety; efficiency and waste management; supply chain & logistics, training. Entries should outline the benefits to the businesses of these achievements in terms of financial performance or market share and to its customers on the basis of one or more testimonials.

All categories are awarded at two levels: small (less than £10m annual company turnover) and large (more than £10m annual company turnover) 

* No split by size of turnover

Food Manufacture Company of the Year
Entrants do not apply for this award directly. Instead, judges select the overall winner from the winners of individual categories on the basis of the achievements delivering the best returns for the business concerned, their customers and (potentially) the wider industry.

The Industry Initiative categories:

Food Manufacture Training Award
Entries must concern a training initiative devised in-house even if an external agency delivered the training. Entrants must show that the initiative addressed a priority issue in a highly timely and effective manner and demonstrate staff engagement and skills improvement, with reference to final assessment and business improvement and development.

Food Manufacture Supply Chain Partnership Award
Only food and drink manufacturers are eligible for this award not their business partners. Submissions should demonstrate excellence in supply chain performance in areas such as efficiency and cost saving, product availability, traceability, procurement and customer service.

Food Manufacture Technology Partnership Award
Only food and drink manufacturers are eligible for this award, not their business partners. Submissions should demonstrate the benefits of a technology-driven partnership to their businesses in terms of financial performance, targets met, customer testimonials/metrics and/or market share figures.

Food Manufacture Award for Export
Entrants must demonstrate significant growth and development and market penetration in overseas markets, particularly focusing on how it overcame key obstacles.

The People Awards’ categories:

Food Manufacture Site Team of the Year
Entrants must show the team’s key achievements and how these benefited the overall business in terms of growth in sales, profit margin or production. They should show how well they worked together to meet team targets/objectives.

Food Manufacture Future Business Leader
The entry must show how the individual has demonstrated future leadership potential, management and mentoring skills and dedication to their team. Their achievements should be outlined with reference to benefits to the business in terms of improved operations and financial benefits.

Food Manufacture Apprentice of the Year
Entrants should be apprentices in the current financial year. They should aim to show how they have benefited their business operationally and/or commercially in terms of savings or efficiencies achieved and/or income/revenue generated. Applicants should indicate the apprentice’s: ability to generate new skills necessary for career development; willingness to take on more responsibility; teamwork and leadership potential; initiative and communication skills.

Food Manufacture 2018 Business Leaders – voted category
It is not necessary to submit entries for this category. The winner is voted via email by industry contacts from a shortlist of six candidates drawn up by the editorial team. The shortlist is devised based on criteria such as an individual’s wider political and industry influence and beneficial impact on the food industry.